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Greenfields Funeral Directors Perth

Greenfields Funerals is a new name in funeral service and is an independent, locally owned and operated funeral company dedicated to excellence in funeral direction but as a more affordable option.

Greenfields Funerals offers a complete funeral service whether a cremation or burial is required and at your choice of location, be it at a crematorium, cemetery, at home, a park, function centre or country location. Greenfields Funerals will accommodate your wishes in the best possible manner.

A full range of coffins and caskets with environmental options are available. Greenfields Funerals can offer natural burials as per the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board’s requirements.

Greenfields Funerals also offer funeral planning advice; you may pre-arrange, pre-pay a funeral with a secure fixed price funeral plan or consider a funeral bond.


Funeral Insurance

The time of funerals is a sad enough time as it is, but there are also the practical things which have to be addressed, and those are centred mainly around the arrangements. The cost is often a shock to the grieving relatives, and that is something which also has to be considered. The more prudent and forward thinking person may have look at this some time ago and come up with a funeral plan which will take away much of the work from the relatives and many find the extent of the work is also a bit of a surprise. There is the burial ground, the church or cremation centre and the people who will need to be informed. This is most certainly not the greatest time to be worrying about who to ask to come to the church to pay their last respects, but again it is something which has to be done. There is always help around in these situations and it will be something the people who operate the funeral home will be well versed in. They deal with this sort of thing on a daily basis, and can recognise when a family is struggling to cope.

Funeral Homes In Pinjarra, Singleton, Mandurah & Shoalwater

funerals homesThe best way most people who have that foresight mentioned deal with their own funeral and the burden of cost is to arrange one of the prepaid funerals. That is by far the best way to ensure that everything is covered, and really it is also a way of ensuring you get a good send-off. Although none of us can be at our own funeral, it is good to think that the mourners will be well cared for with transport and the like. There is also some benefit in arranging the wake and all the other aspects which make up the day. Some see this as a celebration of life, and have a very positive attitude. They will have discussed options with the funeral directors (in Bertram, Calista , Golden Bay & Secret Harbour) well in advance, and will have made all the arrangements themselves. The extent of the expense will also have been covered in some detail, and there will have been an estimate of the numbers attending made so the organizers can sort out the logistics. It takes such a lot of the burden away from those close relatives and friend who will breath a sigh of relief to know all has been arranged and the funeral prices discussed years ago.

Funeral Parlour in Rockingham, Warnboro, Halls Head & Madora Bay

funeralsThe first thing to happen when someone passes away is that they are taken to a funeral parlour (Orelia, Meadow Springs, Waikki & Parmelia) where the preparations are made for the day of mourning. This is standard practice in the Christian society, and there are opportunities for relatives to go to pay respects in that temporary home. The different sectors of the Christian faith have different ways of dealing with this and in the Roman Catholic sector there is a greater 'ceremony' to the idea of viewing the body. It used to be the case that the departed was left in the lounge for few days, suitably presented in the open coffin. That is something from the past, and the modern way is for that kind of viewing to take place elsewhere. The funeral services which follow are of course held in the appropriate place of burial and that can the local church or in some cases, a simple cremation centre. There are plenty of experienced people who know all the important factors when it comes to arranging the day when all the friends and relatives will gather to pay their last respects. That can be anywhere across the country as all the big cities have facilities, so those who may live in one part of the country can consult a commercial listing to find out where to get the best funeral directors Perth, Falcon, Medina or Baldivis has to offer.

Funeral plans Australia Including Erskine & Safety Bay

funeral plansIn modern society it is not unusual for families to be spread all over the continent and may not even be in the same country, so that has to be considered as well. There is normally a timescale for a funeral which is based on the recommended number of days the person who has passed away can be kept in a place of rest. That time can be extended if relatives have to fly across the globe to get to the city where there will be the day of mourning and the wake. That will have been one of the things thought about in the advance funeral planning made by the person with foresight, so those who had gone to live in England some years ago will not be forgotten. That can also be arranged as the cost of getting those relatives over will be paid for with the idea being that the funeral cover will include some of those expenses. That will have put the costs up, for sure, but it would be considered as money well spent. The general cost of this day cannot be estimated fully as those expenses are sure to rise over the years. The idea would be to provide as much as possible in advance and whilst not looking at the thought of cheap funerals, there will be less of a financial burden on those loved ones who are already mourning the departed.

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